Learn how to use my plasma products to keep you safe from harmful EMF, RF, ELF and other harmful energies. It has even been used in Japan to clean the radiation out of the water in Fukushima.  ;) ;)

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The Nature Gypsy


By Appointment

Melding Nature Alchemy and Quantum Phyiscs


We do not have to live in pain...

Gypsies have always understood the basic hermetic principles and how to harness the power of the Universes. 

The truth is, we hold the keys to our health, happiness and success inside of ourselves. 

Nature will always raise your vibration because it is already connected to a pure consciousness.  Please allow NATURE to talk to you.  Nature offers you the unconditional love that you seek. Our planet will heal anything if you simply ask.  We are on a living library and we are part of that library.

Allow the magic of the universe to remind you of the tools and the process of re-discovering your freedom and other keys to heal your body, mind and spirit. 

We are stronger, more creative and more incredible than the system that has tried to hide those facts. 

Through the sharing of knowledge, Love and understanding.. we can heal anything....

The magic lies within.


Connecting to your higher self..

 A true Gypsy, Traveller, or  the Tinker understands that all things communicate through a "secret" language. There are many codices that try and unravel these mysterious languages.  

The truth is that the universal language was never lost and we all speak it to this day. It is more of a vibration, a light code or an energy emission. Call it what you want.  It is the "secret" that was hidden in plain sight.  The source of what can open your temple and the healing it has inside to share with you. 

If you choose to share your path  with me for a time, I can help you to understand this language and offer assistance as you awaken your light body.  If not, I bid you a safe journey, love, freedom and peace,


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Healing/ Services

Energy Healing Session


Understanding that we are all energy and how to maintain our energy for optimal health is key.

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Intuitive/Psychic Readings


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Animal Communication / Healings


 Professional animal communicator committed to creating a deeper understanding between people and their animal companions. I  work with animals in transition: entering new environments and  I specialize in clearing trauma, I have a background in organic farming systems, large animals and herbal medicine as well as being a certified Reiki master.

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Plasma as a Healing Tool

Plasma Bath and Body products


 All my bath and body products are handmade and organic. I grow my plants from seeds that are non GMO and then harvest them and follow the correct correspondence table to create the oils I use.  Nothing but the best intention is in everything I make for you.  

Bath Products

Plasma Healing Energy Devices


Every major organ in our body has a specific salt content. I use this Understanding and the natural process of biomimicry in conjunction with earth salts/terra to create a plasma  that works with your auric body to heal your physical body, emotions, and spirit.

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Plasma Jewlery and Healing devices


Each Alchemist/Gypsy/ Healer (we are called various names) has their own special process of retrieving the essence of a substance. I use the wisdom passed down to me to create unique items with various vibrations. 

Healing tools

Readings and Spirit Guide Communication


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