Energy Flow

Understanding Pizoelectric Energy Flow


Copper coils, when created with an understanding of the magnetical push and gravitational pull are very healing on their own. 

When bare copper is heated and drawn to create the wire, the crystalline structure within the wire is aligned and creates a one-way piezoelectric energy flow. 

Once the copper is twisted and the ends are turned back on themselves in the proper direction, the wire creates a continuous flow of energy in both directions.

The wire can also be Nano coated to create a much stronger plasma energy flow. It can be then be used with plasma technology to create healing devices, pain pens, pain patches, healing jewelry orgonite, and the cup of life. When the copper is Nano-coated, you can also create plasma with it.

The Triskelion.


The triskelion has been known for centuries as an amazing harness for energy. 

The scientists have studies it for so very long, Tesla, Einstein and so many others. 

The truth is the Banduri knew this information and taught it to others. 

 The Banduri are most often described in medieval Irish legends, they were called Banduri or Bandorai. Their existence was confirmed by ancient Greek and Roman writers. 

They were the  goddesses and priestesses  that healed, taught and were honored by all. 

The Romans unfortunately decieded that women were not imprtant and wrote us out of history...

I use the ancient knowledge of my ancestors, the Banduri, in conjuction with modern science to create energy healing devices, tinctures, teas, jelwlery and salves to help myself and ohers.