What is quantum energy? continued...


Some scientists have actually called this energy the Mind of God.

At the level of the photon, consciously directed intent can alter the behaviors of the fundamental constituents of matter. If this concept is true for the photon, it logically follows that this might be true for us as well. After all, if we accept the implications of this model, then we have to ask ourselves what humans are composed of. 

Photons are the smallest unit of matter that we currently recognize. Basically, when we talk about photons, we are talking about light and information.

Current science accepts that the act of observing something, at least at the subatomic level, changes the behavior and characteristics of the thing observed. This implies that consciousness has direct and observable effect on the structure or composition of matter. This has been borne out in so many classic experiments in quantum physics that it is now considered a fundamental principle.

Anytime you use a navigational tool on your phone, you are using the grid, ley lines, or longitudinal and latitudinal lines of our Earth. These “unseen” lines help you get where you need to go every day. These lines or points of reference for our Earth are similar to what we have around our auric or light body.

 Eastern medicine often refer to these lines as body meridians.   

Quite simply, the same applies to the positioning of the organs in our body.

That’s also why all animals have the same organic structure in the body. 

This means that the gravitational-magnetic conditions on this planet dictate certain ways how to take energy in (food) and how to get rid energies that are not needed anymore (elimination) :

· the lungs are the space for the exchange of gaseous substances

· the digestion system with liver and kidneys/bladder take care of the solid and liquid substances

· the skin and other membranes transfer ‘emotional’ substances

I help create plasma devices and products for you based on what your specific body tells me that it needs. 

A true Gypsy will always listen to your spirit and work from there. We do it when we read tarot, palms, tea leaves, or simply touch you. 

I personally work with nature and natural healing modalities that are all part of the quantum field so that you can help heal the emotional, physical and spiritual aspects of your body.